Webinar Recording: Time Restricted Eating and Targeted Supplementation: A New Approach to Weight Loss (please scroll down to access the recording)

Time Restricted Eating and Targeted Supplementation: A New Approach to Weight Loss
Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Presented by Dr Felice Gersh MD

Research has clearly indicated that achieving and maintaining optimal health necessitates the incorporation of a healthy plant-focused diet, consumed at appropriate times, combined with significant periods of not eating, while also incorporating targeted supplementation. Humans evolved on Earth when food was not abundant. Reproductive success necessitated survival despite periods of recurrent food deprivation, while living on a planet with a 24-hour rotation – the circadian rhythm. Alternating periods of eating and fasting in accordance with the periods of light and dark, in conjunction with longer times of fasting, has been shown to be the optimal nutritional approach. Supplementing a plant-focused diet with nutraceuticals further amplifies the benefits of fasting, while providing many essential nutrients that are commonly deficient.

Key Learning:
  • Define the cellular processes triggered by fasting
  • Review the various types and benefits of intermittent fasting
  • Identify the foods and their components that nurture the gut microbiome
  • Prescribe targeted supplements that support the beneficial processes induced by fasting
  • Indicate what supplements provide essential support to metabolic processes essential for the sustenance of optimal health

A .pdf file will be emailed prior to the live webinar.

Please note that the recording is available until December 15, 2021.