Webinar Recording: Modulation of Metabolic Detoxification Pathways: A Functional Approach (please scroll down to access the recording)


Modulation of Metabolic Detoxification Pathways: A Functional Approach
Live Event Date: Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Presented by Dr. Penny Kendall-Reed

Toxins are omnipresent in our environment. Over 80,000 metric tons of carcinogens are released into the air annually in North America. Hormones flood our water to the point that our fish are now inter-sexed. In 2015 these toxins resulted in over 100,000 cancer cases in the US. Why do toxins affect people differently?

Why can some drink and smoke, yet remain unscathed by disease? Genetics! We all process and metabolize toxins at different rates, some too fast and others too slow, and each of us requires a unique regime to balance them. To get specific with our patients, we need to get specific with our genes, evaluate our Phase 1 and 11 pathways, and effectively remove toxins from the body without increasing inflammation and damage.

Key Learning:
  • A quick review of phase 1 and 11 detox pathways and why boosting both pathways can actually harm a patient
  • Discover why we all can’t use the same detoxification program, why juicing or curcumin can be harmful for some, and beneficial for others
  • Gain an in-depth analysis of the key genetic SNPs that control both phase 1 and phase 11 detoxification
  • Learn how to integrate these genes together to design effective treatment programs and prevent adverse genetic expression of many other genes in the body
  • Case studies demonstrating the importance and individuality of effective detoxification

Please note that the recording is available until November 12, 2021.