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Webinar: Canadian Colleague Connection: The Body Keeps the Score, Session 3, June 24, 2020

Canadian Colleague Connection: The Body Keeps the Score, Session 3
June 24, 2020

Presented by Dr. Krystina Patton, Luke Sellars, Dr. Aliyah Alibhai and hosted by Dr. Jacs Cooper

"In culture people talk about trauma as an event that happened a long time ago. But what trauma is, is the imprints that event has left on your mind and in your sensations." - Dr Bessel A. van der Kolk, MD, Author, The Body Keeps the Score

Our physical bodies are highly intelligent, constantly adapting to the circumstances and stressors we encounter. There has been no shortage of stress lately, and whether we realize it or not much of it is being held in our bodies.

How do we manage and ultimately release this stress? Human connection, and physical movement are key elements for addressing stress. In the past few months our access to each other and many regular outlets for physical activity have been taken away. What does this mean for our health and what can we do about it?

Our panelists have expertise in this area, drawing on a diverse range of experiences that have helped them shape unique approaches to helping others heal. Please join us for a roundtable discussion as our host, Dr. Jacqueline Cooper, ND interviews these three talented individuals and fields your questions for our practitioners.

This discussion is intended to be interactive, giving you a chance to share your own personal insights on this topic. By coming together to share our collective learnings, we grow – both as individuals and in our strength as a community.

Dr. Krystina Patton
Naturopathic Doctor & Registered Psychotherapist
"The body remembers what the mind forgets." - Martha Manning

Luke Sellars
Researcher of Being Human
“What you seek is seeking you.” - Rumi

Dr. Aliyah Alibhai
Naturopathic Doctor & Medical Advisor
"Every cell in your body is eavesdropping on your thoughts." - Deepak Chopra

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