Webinar: Allergy: Differential Diagnosis and Case Management , April 13, 2022


Allergy: Differential Diagnosis and Case Management
Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Allergic reactions such as allergic rhinitis represent a global health problem, affecting 10%–25% of the world population. There is clear evidence to support the concept that allergies are influenced by genetic predisposition and environmental exposure. However, what your patient calls an allergy could in fact be caused by a hypersensitive reaction to a virus or bacteria, and the subsequent long-lasting inflammatory response can persist months after the infection is resolved. Similarly, stress can destabilize the same allergenic cells in the body and create the same symptoms, independent of the presence of an allergen. This presentation will review differential diagnosis, involved genes and supportive case management of allergic symptoms to help better identify and treat the true cause.

Key learning highlights:
  • Examine the variety of causes of mast cell stimulation and the subsequent “allergic” symptoms that consequently arise
  • Learn how to identify whether an allergic symptom is truly allergenic in nature
  • Learn which SNPs are involved in stimulating mast cells
  • Learn how to interpret and treat each individual SNP using natural supplementation, diet, and lifestyle variables

A .pdf file will be emailed prior to the live webinar.