Press Release

Health Canada Approves GENESTRA BRANDS® Health Claims for IBS Relief and Post Antibiotic Therapy

TORONTO, ON, May 14, 2013 – GENESTRA BRANDS®, a trusted Seroyal® brand and a leader in probiotic research offering safe, effective and reliable natural health products backed by clinical and traditional evidence, announced today that Health Canada has approved two significant claims related to its proprietary Human Micro Flora (“HMF”) probiotics - “Significant reduction in the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (“IBS”)” and “Effective supplementation of normal intestinal microbiota following antibiotic therapy”. Based on these claims, HMF IBS Relief and HMF Antibiotic Care were recently launched in Canada.

“Considering that few products in the market target these specific conditions, we are pleased to receive Health Canada’s approval for the two claims related to the treatment of IBS and to post-antibiotic recovery. This is another example of our ongoing commitment to incorporate safe and effective formulas that reflect the latest evidence-based research. Under the direction of Dr. Nigel Plummer, Genestra Brands HMF strains were meticulously selected and diligently tested in double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trials,” said Yves Yau, President at Seroyal.

The double-blind, placebo controlled Sheffield IBS Trial tested four strains of high potency Human Micro Flora probiotics and concluded that Genestra’s proprietary HMF blend indeed proved effective, decreasing the severity of IBS symptoms and number of days with pain, while improving satisfaction with bowel habits and overall quality of life. The trial was published in Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics.

The Cambridge Probiotic/Antibiotic Clinical Trial revealed that Genestra’s proprietary HMF blend offers proven post-antibiotic replenishment and care by promoting a healthy microflora. The trial was published in the International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents.

“Genestra’s human-derived probiotic strains more easily survive the rigours of the intestinal environment and are more efficient at colonizing the intestinal lining - ultimately yielding greater benefits,” said Dr. Plummer.