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Fundamentals of UNDA Numbered Compounds, an Introduction, Part I and II (please scroll down to access the On Demand Recordings)

The Fundamentals of UNDA Numbered Compounds, an Introduction – Part I and II (please scroll down to access the On Demand Recordings)

Please join us for this on-demand education addressing the fundamentals of UNDA Numbered Compounds, presented by Dr. Dickson Thom, ND, DDS.

In this two-part introduction, Dr. Thom, a veteran with 40 years of clinical practice, will present the key foundations of drainage therapy and how it provides the tools and skill to build a more effective and successful practice.

Drainage therapy is a deep-acting, long-lasting therapy that restores health by addressing the underlying root cause of conditions, not by simply addressing the symptoms. It facilitates elimination via the emunctories; encourages physiological equilibrium and self-regulation; is powerful, yet gentle; and is easily incorporated with existing modalities.

Session #1 - Key Learning:
  • The effective management of toxins
  • How intracellular and extracellular detoxification addresses physiology
  • Drainage & Biotherapeutics
  • The difference between drainage and detoxification
  • Why UNDA?
  • Dosing
Session #2 - Key Learning:
  • Clinical Application of UNDA Numbered Compounds
  • GI & General Immune Support
  • Nervous System & Emotional Wellness
  • Urinary & Renal Health
  • FAQ’s
Part I:

Part II:

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UNDA Numbered Compounds: Patient Assessment, Evaluation and Practical Application
Presented by Dr. Dickson Thom DDS ND

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